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FuturePrint 2022 attracts international exhibitors

Article-FuturePrint 2022 attracts international exhibitors

FuturePrint 2022 attracts international exhibitors
Among the advantages of being at FuturePrint, international exhibitors have cited the large number of visitors and the opportunity to connect with potential customers—as well as to learn more about Brazilian sign and digital printing sectors

FuturePrint 2022 has brought many business opportunities both to its visitors and exhibitors. From July 20 to 23, 2022, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, Brazil, the most complete trade show for digital printing and sign technologies has brought together more than 40,000 visitors and more than 600 exhibitors from varied areas in the sector.

Aside from showcasing the best technologies in the national market, FuturePrint also attracted international exhibitors that are developing or consolidating their businesses in Brazil.

With a wide range of solutions that are already seen as references internationally, foreign exhibitors have had the opportunity of making business deals, connecting with potential customers and partners, and learning more about Brazilian market’s trends, demands, and opportunities.

Opening its first manufacturing unit in Brazil, one of the international exhibitors strengthened relations with new distributors at FuturePrint

AIFA, an Indian company specialized in PVC flex sheets and tarpaulins, attended FuturePrint 2022 for the first time as an exhibitor. With a recently opened manufacturing unit in Manaus, in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, the company found at the trade show a favorable space for discussing partnership proposals with potential distributors.

The company, which has exported its products to Brazil for seven years now, has identified the investment in national production as a way of facilitating the access of Brazilian market to this type of product. “This kind of material is nearly 100% imported. In Brazil, there isn’t a well-developed technology for producing these products yet,” said Wallacy Daldegan, AIFA’s director in Brazil.

He explains that one of the company’s current goals is to establish a distribution system for promoting and selling its products. “We want to concentrate in the production, quality and delivery; in these, we are specialists,” said Mr. Daldegan.

FuturePrint brings business opportunities to an international company in the ACP sector

In the sign sector, FuturePrint 2022 also had an international exhibitor which is specialized in manufacturing ACP (Alluminium-Composite Panels). Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Emirates Panel has been active for more than 15 years and has a customer network almost all over the world.

During FuturePrint, the company could evaluate business opportunities in Brazil. “We have a big range of products, from kitchen cabinets to cladding, supposed for interior and exterior purposes,” said Luke Wang, the company’s general manager.

He points out that FuturePrint is a propitious place for building connections with potential customers and distributors in the sign sector—which is a large buyer of ACP solutions. “Here we can meet many different people, and we can introduce our products to different customers and businesses,” said Mr. Wang. “And at the same time, we can have a new market here,” he added.

FuturePrint’s popularity is also one of the advantages cited by Emirates Panel’s general manager. “Many people know this show, and many people spend a long time staying here to check and to see around and talk to people and meet different people,” he pointed out. Mr. Wang also highlights that the event allowed the company to learn about new solutions showcased by other FuturePrint’s exhibitors. “We can also see the new technologies. So, this is also a good chance for us to learn from others,” he observed.

FuturePrint offers international exhibitors an outlook on Brazilian market

The several uses of LED technology have drawn the attention of people around the world—from those who get impressed with LED light signs and panels down the streets to professionals and entrepreneurs who work directly with this technology.

Visitors looking at an LED-driver exhibition at FuturePrint 2022

Visitors looking at an LED-driver exhibition at FuturePrint 2022

At FuturePrint 2022, visitors also had access to LED-focused content and solutions especially crafted for the sign sector. In addition, people could check out products with international standards in quality and design, allowing this unique connection with some of the most modern technologies in the market.

E-POWER, a South Korean company specialized in the manufacturing of LED drivers, sells to more than 15 countries in Europe and Asia, including Middle East. The attendance at FuturePrint 2022 marks the company’s first approach to the Latin American market.

“FuturePrint is the gateway to know the market and find partners,” said Grace Ko, E-POWER’s vice-president. “There are buyers and there are also suppliers here, so I can see who is the major [player], who is a minor, how is the market going, I can see the trend, so this is the reason why I came here,” she added.

Ms. Ko said she was satisfied with her experience attending FuturePrint, pointing out that the trade show has allowed her to get in touch with potential clients as well as to analyze good business opportunities. “I have more than 200 cards here,” she said while showing the stack of business cards she had received throughout the event. “I don’t know whether they can become my real customers or not, but anyway, I can see that many people are interested in my products,” she observed.

E-POWER’s vice-president points out, as the key features of the company’s products, the drivers’ high quality, which provides stability in energy supply. “If you see the market, if you go on the streets, there are some signboards that have a blinking, or no lighting,” she exemplified. “So that is why you have to select the right driver. So, our product is very stable and high-quality,” said Ms. Ko.

She adds that another feature of the products is their light and functional design. “We have more than 27 years of experience in designing for these products. The CEO himself is a designer and engineer, so we are very tough in controlling the quality,” said Ms. Ko, mentioning that E-POWER’s LED drivers are more than 50% lighter than other companies’. “The engineer can easily set it up [an LED-based structure]; instead of carrying 5 kilograms, they can only carry 1 kilogram,” she explained.

Exhibitors cite the large number of visitors as one of FuturePrint’s key advantages

Attracting more than 40,000 visitors in only four days, FuturePrint 2022 was acclaimed for bringing together many people interested in seeing new solutions after the show’s return to in-person format. The visitation rate remained high until the last day, keeping high levels of visibility to exhibitors as well as numerous possibilities of connecting with other professionals and entrepreneurs.

FuturePrint 2022 attracts large number of visitors

FuturePrint 2022 attracted more than 40,000 visitors

Ms. Ko said that, based on her experience attending FuturePrint 2022, she has a positive view on the Brazilian market, especially due to the great interest shown by visitors regarding the company’s solutions. “This means that this Brazil market can have a lot of potential to grow,” she concluded.

Mr. Daldegan observed that as FuturePrint is the most complete show in AIFA’s target sector, it works as a new businesses’ facilitator. “We are in a central point, where we can meet, gather with people, and close distribution deals,” said the company’s Brazil director.

Acclaiming the event’s high attendance as one of the aspects that drawn his attention the most, Emirates Panel’s general manager reflects on the positive impacts of FuturePrint’s large visiting. “From the first day, we still can see a lot of crowds, many visitors, where people can talk and share different ideas,” said Mr. Wang. “I think it is good for the whole economy,” he added.

FuturePrint’s next edition date is already confirmed!

After the success of FuturePrint 2022, the next edition of the most complete trade show in the sign and digital printing sector already has a confirmed date: FuturePrint 2023 will take place from July 12 to 15, 2023, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, Brazil.

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